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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 13, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> eric: chicken soup. they knock it as a method. real? >> i love it. opens up your passages and warms up your mouth. it's great. >> if you are sick, stay home because that's how we are going to break down the spread of this virus all over the country. >> you learn that the emergency room is so germy, go only as a last resort. that's really good advice. >> you are getting in the way of people who may be having heart ark tax. if you go to the emergency room and you don't need to be there, it's not good for you or anyone else. >> and there's a lot of germs. thanks so much, doctors. stay well, everybody. >> wash your hands. >> jamie: vice-president joe biden getting ready to prohibit his gun control recommend eggs to president obama on tuesday. just about a month after that gunman opened fire inside the
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connecticut elementary school and killed 20 children. good morning, everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour, america's news headquarters. much more to come. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. good morning. the vice-president suggested last week, he may support universal background checks and banning high-capacity gun magazines. two proposals the national rifle association and others are bound to fight. peter doocy is in washington with more on the plan that is expected to be unveiled this week. >> reporter: good morning. eric, the national rifle association does not think congress can pass an assault weapons ban or a restriction on high-capacity ammunition. and the nra president explained today, he thinks those clips are tough to regulate because they cost so little to make. >> the fact is that -- we live in a society where, first of all, we have a constitutional right and secondly, there are millions and millions of americans who value the rights that they have under the second
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amendment and who are involved in the shooting sports or use firearms for self-defense. we think they are going to be hurt. >> the argument against an assault weapons ban was made concisely by haley barbour who said, quite simply, if you make it a crime to have a gun, only criminals will have gun. but many lawmakers -- mostly democrats -- have been trying to poke holes in that argument. and senator chris murph frecontact connect, who attend several funerals for sandy hook students thinks the national rifle association is flat-out wrong. >> newtown fundamentally changed things. the nra doesn't get this. they have to come to the table on gun control as they are saying they are coming to the table on mental health because their previous allies and backers in the house and the senate are not with them anymore. >> reporter: senator joe mansion, the democrat from west virginia, endorsed by the nra
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and famously ran a 2010 campaign ad, shooting the cap & trade bill with a rifle, has an all-in approach. he thinks it would be hard to pass legislation that focuses on only one element of the issue like guns or magazines. we have to wait until tuesday to see what the vice-president's task force will recommend to the president as a legislative proposal. >> eric: we will have a lot more on that, coming up this week. thank you. there is more gun violence to tell you about this time in san diego. that's where a frantic scene played out inside a movie theater t. appears to be a domestic dispute. police say they shot and critically wound aid gunman, after he chased his girlfriend with a handgun through the parking lot at a theater near san diego. police went into the theater and searched the theater by theater to try to get the gunman.
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one witness described the chaos. >> they shut the back downdoor and it was locked. but they didn't talk to us. i knew that wasn't a good sign. then, all of a sudden, i heard two shots and i went to the floor. and then i went out at the back of the theater. we saw police running around. >> eric: no mutuallygoers were hurt. the suspected gunman is expected to survive. >> jamie: emergency responders in one college are not take anything chances. police spent the day at george mason university in virginia, learning how it respond if they had a shooter on campus. officials have started to implement task forces, small groups of medics, that enter on police protection while the scene is active. they plan to hold the drills once a year. >> eric: the president's second-term agenda is beginning
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to take shape. so far, gun control, as well as immigration and more tax hikes seem to be the focus. why are not we hearing more from the administration on jobs? the job problems continue. this past week, take a look, unemployment reports show that more than 12 million people are unemployed, up from last month. in december, there are 22.6 million people unemployed or underemployed. the average person is out of work, nearly 40 week, that's almost an entire year. not expected to get a job if you are out of a job now until october. we have a political director under george bush and joe and matt are here. >> good to see you, joe. >> eric: matt, the unemployment needle hasn't moved. the election's over.
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how come we are not hearing more about this? what do we do? >> you know, having a second terms are tough for presidents. we haven't seen much from president obama that really focuses on the economy or jobs. we have been very reactive to what is happening in the headlines, not atippal for a second president. but it is the soft under belly of the obama presidency. at then of the second sterl, if this chidoesn't turn around and unemploint ployment doesn't come down, the obama agenda will be a failure. they are making a huge mistake, trying to beat up on rich people, businesses and small businesses and raise taxes. the result of the policies, eric, is that unemployment will continue to stay high and poverty rates will continue to skyrocket. when you beat up on the rich, you create more poor and you make your budget problem worse because there are more people on welfare than there were before president obama came to office.
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>> what happened if there were more people on welfare and if the unemployment rate doesn't go down? >> that has to be the primary focus needs to be. there are two major challenges right now. first, this economy is focused for liftoff. in the corporate world, we are at the highest profit levels we have been since world war two. their productivity is in the strato sphere. they are waiting for washington, d.c., both in congress at the other end of pennsylvania avenue, to be mature adults because they need certainly the. and let's shift to small businesses. they are the star runningback of job creation. they create the majority of all job, particularly the startups and young firms. but here's the problem. there are less star runningbacks on the field. two decades ago, we had 35 new startups for every 10,000 citizens. now we have only 18. we have half of the star
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runningbacks. second, why is that? their wealth has disappeared. usually, 80% of all startups start with their own money. they don't -- and they can't get a bank investment. now we find out that the wealth disappeared. finally, in order to open up that line, they need better linemen. we have, as you well pointed out, people have lost for a long period of time, their jobs. the technology's moved on. we are the nation that spends the least of all developed nations on retraining. so what we have to do is get better skilled labor so that small businessman or -woman, that's the focus of washington, d.c. and private industry has to both be. >> eric: it doesn't sound optimistic. we need more players on the field. how do we do that? >> i heard more policy from joe just now than i have heard from barack obama since he got re-elected. that's the problem of the
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administration. they have to put forward an economic plan that goes beyond this kind of blood lust to raise tacks on rich people and small businesses. think about this. we have one of the highest, second highest corporate tax rate in the world. so when joe talks about all of this money that the companies have that they could invest in the country, they are not doing it because of our tax structure and the way that the tax structure works across the globe. look what he just said on small businesses, he raised taxes to pay for obamacare and raised the taxes in the fiscal cliff and he wants to raise them further in order to get an increase in the debt limit. he has taken the high tax rate on corporations and coupling that with the catastrophic increases on the small businesses. this is not a recipe to create any jobs. it's a recipe to go back into a recession. >> eric: what do you think will happen? matt? >> i hope the president can turn
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this economy around. we are all rooting for our economy. but his policies are a disaffer and the american people are scared to death. >> eric: joe, if you listen to matt, the president's policies may not seem to work? >> well, i -- with respect to matt, i tried to let the facts. he's right. we need a fair, simple and compliant tax code. we have $150 billion that corporations do in tax expenditures to avoid the tax rates. so their tax rate on average is 16%, not 35%. but that's inefficient. we have to do what matt said, and tax people efficiently. if you go back to world war ii and take all the years since then, when our tax rate was 70% in the 50s and you look at periods with more than 38%, we had an employment rate that grew of .5%.
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when the tax rate was -- excuse me -- was 2%. when the tax rate went down to 38% or below, we grew at five%. my point is this is not taxes. what is key, let's take murderrive and regalations on businesses, they have increased. if they are paying 33% more for regulations per individual, you are not opening up the line for that star runningback to get through. i understand the simplified tax rate form. but it is focusing on small businesses and giving them the opportunity with trained, skilled workforce, not that much reg iewdle, to burst through the line. that's where the focus should be. >> eric: matt, last word? >> you gotta do something. here's -- once again, when a president is in a second term and looking at such a weak economy, eventually, they have to figure out a way to get job creation and to get the economy growing.
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we are growing at less than 2%. it is not just tax, it's regulations and massive obamacare. they are going to have to turn this around. or he is going to be a two-term jimmy carter with a weak economy and people being hugely disappointed that all the hope turned out to be nothing but less jobs, lower wages and higher poverty. you can think about that? a liberal president, over his presidency, overseeing an increase in welfare and poverty. the people on the lowest ranks of the economic ladder are hurt the worst by the most liberal president. it's ironic. >> matt and joe, millions of americans waiting for jobs, hoping something can be done in washington. thank you for your analysis. >> great to be with you. >> jamie: time to take a look at the war in afghanistan, which appears to be winding down after listen years. the in the is planning to transition to a support role, expected this spring.
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but there are many long-term concerns in the region. what will the future look like for afghanistan? what will we be asked to do? general jack keen is a retired four-star general, former staff of the army. good morning. >> good morning, jamie. >> jamie: let's take a look at afghanistan. there has been a lot of talk that the president met with afghan president karzai, that we will potentially have a role in afghanistan, after troops withdraw. first of all, should we have announced the newer time table? and what do you think we will be asked to do down the road? >> well, i am not sure. i know what wev should do. we need to provide the forces that general allen recommended to continue to support the afghan national security forces in a way that makes sense, you know, for them. that's -- we need counterterrorism forces to go after the leaders of the taliban, as we are, right now, 8 to 11 every night. we need training assistance.
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and finally, the thing that gets lost in the discussions, is the support functions issue that we are currently providing now to the afghan security forces. we are also providing them virtually to almost all of the european forces that are part of this effort. that is intelligence, artillery, air support and some logistics. if we don't provide the right size of a stay-behind force, then those will not be there for the afghan national security forces. and it will be very gilvfor them to succeed with that assistance. >> jamie: with the tremendous amount of commitment and loss and sacrifice we have seen, it westbound a shame to see what we have accomplished in afghanistan to keep us safe at home and see all of that wasted by not providing when we have to to secure what we have done. however, this is confusing to me. the president said to hamidkarzai, i will leave troops if they are granted immunity
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from prosecution. prosecution from what? >> well, virtually everywhere we go where we have solars deployed, we have that kind of status enforcers agreement. the fact of the matter is, there are allegations made against our forces in various countries, and we choose ourselves to deal with that level of prosecution as opposed to having the host country government do it. that's the arrangement we would like to have with the afghans. it's a standard thing for u.s. forces who are deployed around the world. >> jamie: aren't you surprised we have to ask? >> well, dealing with the mercurial carwry, it's probably not surprising, given the tension and frustration we have had with him now, close to 11 years. listen, jamie, the good news is, there will be an election in 2014 and no guarantee, woe will get a leader who is more progressive and will be able to make at least incremental change to a better system and
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infrastructure in afghanistan than we currently have. >> jamie: i can see an added benefit of leaving troops to make sure that election goes at least as democratically as it can. you know how much i care about our troops, i want to ask what they will be asked to do beyond afghanistan and molly has certainly been in the news, there are a lot of people who have no idea where it is. maybe you can could tell us why. >> first of all, maly is important as a country that is trying to stabilize itself, as part of africa. the fact of the matter is, the al qaeda and radical islamists are in there. so it's exceedingly important strategeically. we have said to ourselves, since 9/11, we dont want the al qaeda to establish sanctuaries anywhere where they can establish training bases and are able from the sanctuaries to influence regional policy by
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conducting jihad against our national interest in the region or even worse, what they did to us on 9/11. that's their pattern. they trito undermine the western countries that are supporting various countries in the region and then they would also still want to drive us out of the region. they have never given up on their -- their objectives to dominate the middle-east, establish a cal fay. to -- they are focused on that with amazing zealotry and consistenciful they are on the rise in the middle-east, in iraq, in syria, in libya, in northern africa, in mali. that's just the harsh reality of it. certainly, it came very close to all of us, being on the rise in libya, as a result of the fiasco in benghazi. they are taking advantage of the revolutionary change that is sweeping through the middle-east. they are not the catalysts for
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tbut they see it as an opportunity and they are all in. so mali is important to us. but it runs square in the face, i think of the obama administration's policy, which is unstated, disengage from the middle-east. >> jamie: it sounds like, even if we near one place and not another, we will never be able to let our guard down. in order to do that, we not only need administration support. we have the military commitment. it seems to me, we need the public support, also for our troops and our familiarly and the job that they do. i am going to throw you -- not a curve ball, but it may sound like an odd-ball question. a number of movies have come out, showing tactics, we don't really know how realistic they are, you will know more -- that are -- in some ways inspiring the american people to understand what our military does. and in other, critics are turned off because they don't like certain scenes they see that actually might help us generate
8:19 am
information and intelligence. do you have an opinion on whether or not those are educational or hurtful to our troops or our allies? >> i am not certain as much education. i think it's more entertainment. i find movies about wars that i am most familiar with to lose all sorts of reality. i have a tendence tow at a away from them because when you know what the reality is and what the facts are, it runs against the grain a little bit. but you have to approach a movie for what it is, it's entertainment first and foremost. there are huge exaggeration, they take events and put them together in multiple scenes to create the drama that they want to have. i don't get too fussy about movies. it is fiction. i accept it as that. it is brainment and i accept it as that. i don't look at it as history to be sure. >> jamie: i am glad we can learn the facts and the history from
8:20 am
you, general, as always. >> always good seeing you. >> jamie: have a great day. >> eric: new concerns over flu vaccine shortages as the outbreak has reached epidemic levels. five time its normal. another state has declared a health emergency. what we need to know to prevent getting the flu and what to do if we get it. the surprise of a lifetime for a soldier's family. wait until you see this. it happened in a hockey game. it is one they will never forget. my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? [ voice of dennis ] indeed. officeyour business needs...k... at prices that keep you...out of the red. this week get a bonus $15 itunes gift card with any qualifying $75 ink purchase.
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>> eric: a u.s. soldier gave his family a very special surprise in minnesota. his wife and three children. the captain takenned a mavericks hockey game. guess what? they gave him free tickets to the game and their seats were picked to score a goal and take a look... it was the captain. he trotted himself out as the goalie and his kid took some shots and lo and behold, they took off the face mask and saw who he was. he has been away for 8 months. we say, welcome home and very
8:25 am
best wishes. >> i could cry. >> eric: what a great story, isn't it? >> jamie: so happy our producer shared that moment with us. many americans have been going through foreclosures. it's been going on for a while. sometimes you don't realize, you think you walk away from your home, but you still own it because you could be on the hook for big expenses. they are called zombie foreclosures. in our take-charge consumer protection segment, we will tell you what you need to stay on your feet. joining me now, a real estate and business attorney, director of the carnegie group. thank you, so much. >> thanks. >> jamie: a zombie foreclosure is really not what you want. california you tell people what it is? >> a foreclosure is a process, which varies from state to
8:26 am
state. but the process begin when is the owner receives a notice of default and the foreclosure lawsuit is filed. there are a series of pleadings and hearings and motions that end in the foreclosure sale, where the property's sold and the money goes to pay off the loan. it is during that whole process, though, that the issue happens. during that process, the homeowner owns the home. that used to take a matter of weeks or months and now that process is up to 600 or 700 days and the zombie situation is when the process is stalled. so the title to the home is a zombie between this world and the next and the foreclosure is never finished. >> jamie: sometimes the bank walks ax way from it as well, right? so what could happen to the homeowner? >> sometimes, the bank walks away. we have all kinds of players in the process. we have borrowers, defense lawyers and banks and court systems with backlogs and
8:27 am
regulator, even the government. but the problem is that -- the homeowner situation depends on how they handle t. some homeowners have benefitted from this. we hear stories of homeowners living for years for free because of the zombie situation. but for those who assume that the process was moving forward quickly, like it used to, because it used to be the banks pushed it forward to get the title and the loan paid off and that was that, if you assumed that was going to happen and at the beginning of the process when you get got your notice, you just left the property behind, a lot of folks, years later are finding out the process was never completed and they own the home and they are liable -- >> jamie: how do you find out -- i'm sorry, i only have a few minutes. how do you find out if you still own the home. >> the best way to do that, in most counties, you have public records on the internet. you look at the county recording records and see if your name's on the title or the tax records. but sometimes, those records are
8:28 am
not current. so it may show you on the title when you are not. but you want to see if you are on the title to the home. if you are, you need to get in touch with your bank and see what their intentions and are try to mitigate your losses, making sure the property's secure and maintained and the real estate taxes are paid on the property so you don't incur further liability. >> jamie: for sure, you want to have liability insurance, so if someone falls on your lawn, that could be a problem. i want to encourage everyone who went through foreclose tower make sure their title is correct. but i want to ask you, generally, if you had a foreclose and had a property foreclose, how do you get back on your feet? >> well, you know, it's challenging. the first issue is repairing your credit. nothing will happen for you financially until your credit's repaired. my new book, coming now the february, is about this, it's a
8:29 am
five-step process, re-evaluating your borrowing and banking and fixing credit and debt and deciding if homeownership is right for you. homeownership and good wages are key to a financial prosperity and education is going to plia big role for a lot of people. employment and unemployment was a big factor and not being able to make the wages to make ends meet. >> jamie: do what you can, but it takes time. patience, patience. all right, we look forward to the book. come back when it comes out. we want to help folks itch thank you, for more on how you can take charge on a number of consumer protection issues, go to at the bottom,ul see the link for this show, america's news headquarters, and when you get to that page, you will see a link that has many of this program's take-charge consumer protection segment, only here with eric and me. >> eric: you can save money. >> jamie: save money, save money. >> eric: new year's resolution.
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coming up, have you heard about this? renewed pleas from egypt from the release of a convicted terrorist. the so-called blind shaifnlght he is convicted of being behind the first islamic terror attack on the world trade center and other terror plots against our country. congressman peter king on the demands, and what they mean, coming up. >> jamie: the flu, the flu, the flu. it's everywhere you go. some people are forced -- forced! to get vaccinated. this is $100,000.
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we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>> jamie: we have been encouraging you and the doctors have too, to get your flu vaccine because they could be in short supply as panicked americans are flooding medical centers from coast to coast.
8:35 am
the pluoutbreak has reached epidemic proportions. the city of boston and the state of new york declaring public health emergencies. we go live to new york for more. >> reporter: hey, there. nationally, partial health officials say some places are experiencing shortages. patients are having to wait on shipments to come in. but physicians are urging americans to be persistent because the vaccine is still available. according to the centers for disease control and prevention or cdc, the vaccine is 62% effective in preventing the flu. it takes two weeks to work. now is the time to get the shot. nearly 130 million doses have been distributed. so far, at least 112 million have been used. hospitals around the country have seen spikes in flu-related admissions and death, compared to the last few years. this year's strain is particularly nasty, making people sicker, longer. employers are doing whatever they can to keep their workforce
8:36 am
healthy, some happening out masks and encouraging employees to wear them. some hospitals are encouraging medical workers to get the shots as well. some people have lost their jobs over refusing to do soful they caution everyone to wash their hands often and to disinfect computers and cell phones. the virus is easily spread on planes, planes and escalators and even the handle at the gas pump. >> this leads to a higher viral transmission rate. it is easy to get if from surfaces that people have coughed on on and touched after coughing in their hands. so the best preventive measure is good hand hygiene. >> reporter: the flu is widespread in 47 states. mississippi, california and hawaii are the only states not seeing a widespread outbreak. the vaccine is designated not to just help patient who is get the shot. it also helps overall in the community. so that fewer people are
8:37 am
contagious and spreading the virus. >> jamie: that sure sounds helpful. thanks. >> eric: now for a look behind the news with liz trotta and her sunday commentary. >> general stanley miss crystal, a private citizen, has written a memoir, vigorously celebrated by the media this week, as he makes the rounds selling his career. curiously, he doesn't explain how his vaunted lessons in leadership got him fired fired 0 as commander of nato forces in afghanistan. but first are for a hit to his world view, consider the quotations he chose for the dedication page. lines from a 19th century poem by lord mccauley. with weeping and laughter, still is the story told, how well horatious kept the bridge in the brave days of old. the liance dramatize the legend of the roman warrior who single
8:38 am
handedly saved rome from a howling etruiveggan attack on the last bridge into the city. the roman generals were in retreat when the one-eyed horatious stepped forward. mcchrystal's choice of the quote is a fertile hint as to how he views his career in afghanistan. he was in his mind, the man who would save the day. unfortunately, the general's high ambitions were never realized. a rolling stone reporter put an end to his career, quoting that mcchrystal and his staff, making disparaging remarks about the administration in a night of revelry in paris. it seems, he writes in his memoir, a deficit of trust existed between him and the president's men. a former black operations specialist, the general is very slick on the book circuit, blocking and passing adroitly when the questions get into the weeds. his political outlook is
8:39 am
liberal, having admittedly voted for obama in 2008. he speaks the language of the left, eshoeing any queries about his dealings with president obama and preferring to emphasize soft power and what he calls his ballistic relationship with people. if the reader is look for an spraipgz of how he was ambushed by rolling stone, the general is mostly mute. a commander naive enough to think a reporter who hears thinks doesn't make them public. he actually said he was surprised by the tone and direction of the article. what is astounding, with all the money and manpower that the pentagon has spent on media relations, all the military strategizing, nobody seems to have gained much sophistication if in dealing with the press since the war on vietnam. he sprinkles the book with great warriors and sages, including
8:40 am
winston churchill and seems fascinated with himself and his rise from army brat to a modern-day, king of the tiger pass. he clings to the now defunct counter insurgency, or coin strategy, that was supposed to win the war. incredibly, he is urging the military to leave the military for us, large enough to train the afghans and ensure their stability. almost wistfully, he says, we have an emotional responsibility to the people of afghanistan, tell that to the american people who are sick of war and fed up with military spending. meanwhile, his lawyer followers float the idea that if hillary falters, the general should run on the democratic presidential ticket in 2016 this. raises serious questions. not just his rigid and ultimately successful conduct -- unsuccessful conduct of the war, but his role in the coverup of ranger pat tillman's death by
8:41 am
friendly fire in 2004. tillman, a well-paid professional football player, volunteered for war because of 9/11. we have not heard the last of mcchrystal, teaching a leadership course at yale and training corporate executives in how to excel. if you are a general, no war is ever really wasted. >> jamie: all right. we have cyber-attacks on the rise and american companies are often falling victim. new concerns as egypt's president renews calls to release a convicted terrorist held in the u.s., all of that and more, coming up next. s customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes.
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>> eric: there are new concern this is weekend, over renewed
8:46 am
calls from egypt for the u.s. to release a convicted islamic terrorist, the so-called blind sheikh. remember him? shag sheikh. he was convicted in the first islamic terrorist attack against the world trade center in 1993. and other terror plots against our country. in weeks, president mohammed morsi is leading an effort to get the sheikh out of prison, where he is serving life. we have a member of the house homeland security committee, congressman king. i am sure you remember that day in 1993, when a guy drove a van into the world trade center garage, blew it up. six people were killed. thousands were injured. now they want to let him out? >> yeah. it was 8 killed in that first attack in 1993. and the subsequent attack, many more were killed. all of us have memories of that first attack in 1993. the blind sheikh was the
8:47 am
architect, the evil genius, whatever you want to call him. in may or june, morsi was giving his inaugural speech he said he wanted the blind sheikh released tomp this day, the administration has never formally denied t. they have said there is no ongoing talks, there are no plans to release him or to transfer him. the easiest way to end this, the easiest way to end this is to clearly, the president of the united states should say that the blind sheikh is going to die in an american president. that leaves an ambiguity and creates uncertainty and it's something that is wrong. this has been raised to a presidential level by president morsi, our president, president obama, should come back and say, this is off the table. he is going to die in an american prison, end of discussion, that's it. >> eric: i am so sorry about your neighbor. one of the victims of that terrorist attack. i mean, isn't it enough to you, obviously, it's not that the
8:48 am
state department says they have no plans for this. why do you think the president hasn't said something? do you expect him to say something, potentially when president morsi comes? >> i think he say if and say it beforehand. those are lawyer-like words to say there are no plans or talks going on. they are not ruling it out for the future. that's what they have to do. last august or september, i sent a letter to justice department, state department and others because -- the department of homeland security because people in the intelligence community and people in the law enforcement community came to me and they told me, they had heard of contingency plans if the blind sheikh was transferred to an egyptian prison. at that stage, it has been discussed and talked about. to this day, the administration has refused to rule it out. i think that part it is the president's policy of reaching out to the muslim brotherhood,
8:49 am
reaching out to morsi, not wanting to needlessly in his eyes, antagonize him. the blind sheikh is a murderer, he's a terrorist. i know we are not going to win support or impress anyone in the middle-east over the muslim world by equivocating on the blind sheikh. i think it's time for the president to stand up to morsi and say, if we are going to have a relationship between ow our two countries, we can't be talking about issues as outrageous and disgraceful as this. >> eric: he was an icon. he was convicted of being whined the first islamic terrorist attack in 1990, the shooting of the activist rabbi by a blind sheikh follower. and the guys went on to bomb the world trade center 3 years later and they are having the convict in atticca prison. >> this is, again, a double standard we have. -- and the blind sheikh's son
8:50 am
was involved in a demonstration in cairo this year on september 11. so getting the blind sheikh released is a main issue for them, it's an important issue. he was a murderer, is a murderer. and also, if you recall, we had an associate of his, granted a visa to br the country and come to the white house, last summer. he was brought to the capitol hill to meet with senators without being told exactly how close he was to the blind sheikh and to that whole organization they have. so again, the administration in some ways, i have given them credit in the war against isramic terrorism. but they have know equivocation that is a feeling that if -- you know, we make them feel good, they will respond in kind. the only language people like morsi understand is that this is off the table. we are against islamic terrorism. we are not going to equivocate or make any concessions and he has to realize that, especially
8:51 am
after the poor job he did in protecting the mesh embasso september 11. >> eric: congressman, peter king, thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: i am sorry that terrorism personally touched you through this. we'll be right back. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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>> jamie: welcome wack. every few weeks, we are hearing of another possible cyber-starks being and international hackers have their sights set on a new target, that's private american companies. we go live to the los angeles bureau for more. can they help and protect themselves? >> reporter: they can to some extent. the fbi has the executive order to leave -- lead the defense against cyber-terrorism, they keep it a close secret. so companies like cloud strike, have come up with ways to thwart an attack, by feeding the wrong information to the hackers, which makes them doubt what hayare stealing and confuses them and renders the data worthless. this is one effort to combat china and russia, who are suspected of trying to steal america's business secrets or bring down critical structure. >> if this was the physical
8:56 am
world and paratroopers descended over silicon valley and guys grabbed computers and ran out twould be missiles flying. but this happens every day in the cyber security space, where adversaries come in and steal everything and off to another country they go. there goes our intellectual property. >> reporter: that can include plans for weapons systems and less leathal products, soda recipes -- anything that makes america competitive. the sophisticated software that attacks our critical infrastructure is hit in the home computers of everyday american citizens, ready to one day strike. but the better answer, experts are saying, is to make the systems we do have more isolated, want so connected because we really have become too dependent on the connected world. this is very scary stuff. it could be our own computers at
8:57 am
home that could bring down the financial system or turn off the lights for everyone. >> jamie: that would not be good. >> eric: there is a new controversy over the nation's debt. round 2. some saying the white house doesn't need congress to raise the debt ceiling. coming up, former mississippi governor haley barbour will explain. at prices that keep you...out of the red. this week get a bonus $15 itunes gift card with any qualifying $75 ink purchase. find thousands of big deals now... at officemax. hamburger helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart.
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